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Relaxivity is the big sibling of the Storynory podcast. Storynory - audio stories for kids - has been around since 2005.

We wanted to do something a little more grown up to complement our stories for a younger audience. Not all stories are completely kid friendly. Some of the best stories reflect the more earthy aspects of human nature.

As the name suggests, the stories for Relaxivity are presented in a relaxing and atmospheric way. But we hope they are interesting too! We don't want to bore you to sleep. The idea is to give you a little time to yourself. Pull on your headphones, put up your feet, puff up your pillow, and enjoy some realaxivity.

If you are interested in myths and religions from around the world, you've come to the right place. We love spiritual stories.

In early 2022 we will start our retelling of Ovid's Metamorphosis. This will cover a large number of the myths from Greece and Rome, many of which are a bit too spicy for Storynory. Our retelling will be in verse and aims to capture the light and sometimes irrelevant touch of the original.

To date, our most ambitious story is the Birth of Buddha, featuring chants and music that we created ourselves. We make use of the occasional loop, but in many stories, you will hear us chanting and strumming, and even tapping on the odd drum such as an Indian tabla.

Each episode has many hours of of work put into it - including research, writing, recording and post production.

We hope that the quality shows through. We aim to be the best - by far!!!


Jana and Bertie Contact [email protected]